3 in 1 Portable Air Cooler Battery Powered Personal Air Conditioner Cooler Unit

3 in 1 Portable Air Cooler Battery Powered Personal Air Conditioner Cooler Unit

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"It's getting so hot in summer!"

No worries with our Rechargeable Portable Air Conditioner.

With our Portable Air Conditioner Battery Powered Personal Air Cooler, you can sit in the cool air and be unaffected by the heat. Our portable ac, with its rapid cooling effect, enables you to feel the coolness instantly. 

There is a USB slot in our portable ac unit, which allows you to recharge it and lets you feel the cool air wherever you want. As it is your personal air conditioner, you can use it at any time and wherever you want.

?? 3 in 1 multifunction design: COOLS, PURIFIES, and HUMIDIFIES.

?? Great use and handy design: The main reason why this air conditioner is so practical is its portability. If necessary, you can move it anywhere you want, whether on the table, the ground, or in other rooms.

It has a white minimalist design,  196 x 178 x 182 mm, and has a 1000 ml water tank on the left side. This needs to be completed in order for air conditioning to fulfill its function.

?? Power 6 W and blowing regulation: The power of this air conditioner is 6W, which also allows its versatile power supply. This is not a demanding energy device.

It is possible to adjust the blowing control to simulate natural winds or to set more intense cooling.

? Touch screen: At the top of the device is also a touchpad, where you can change modes. You can choose to sleep, natural wind, or auto-off mode.

- "Love it, Will be buying more !!"

"This portable air cooler works very well for desk spaces. It will cool the surrounding area without being a distraction. It's quiet and can last for hours without being plugged in."


  • Size: 196mm*178mm*182mm
  • Net weight: 1206g
  • Max power: 6W
  • Water tank capacity: 1000ml

Package Includes

1 x 1 x Microhoo Mini Air Conditioner Water Cooling Fan