Mouse Trap Bucket

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Ever wondered how to catch a rat? Sneaky little creatures are disturbing your sleep, and you inquire about the best way  How To trap mouse? You want to get rid of them, but you would prefer to have a heart mouse trap! A Humane Trap

No more dealing with 1 time use traps that are often ineffective and unsanitary. With our new Flip & Slide bucket lid all you have to do is snap it on to a standard sized 5-gallon bucket and boom your catching mice and rats.
Why buy this Mouse Trap over conventional traps?
Proven higher catch rate: In a quantitative test, we setup 5 different traps in a barn infested with Mice/Rats. We used the same bait for each and set them up all in a row in order to receive accurate results. The test concluded that the Flip N Slide had beaten the other “Multi Catch” traps by almost 4x.

Large Capacity:
 Unlike conventional traps which only catch 1 or 2, this trap resets and holds up to 30 mice and around 10 medium sized rats.

No mess that you must clean up afterwards;
 simply release or dump your friendly intruders outside(Far away from your house preferably). 
Reusable: This is not a one and done throwaway product. You can use our trap repeatedly without having to toss it out.

What's included  

  • Flip N Slide Bucket Lid
  • Flip N Slide Counter Weighted Plank
  • 2 Piece Ramp
  • Instructional Guide

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