The Counting Board

The Counting Board

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This eco-sustainable wooden toy has been designed according to the Montessori method to help your child discover shapes, numbers and colors for himself while having fun.

Make no mistake about it! It's more than just a game of shapes!

The color codes allow the child, from an early age, to understand where to place the different parts. Then, as he progresses , he will associate the numbers with their values ??and the shapes with their representations thanks to the inscriptions on the game board.

Montessori game for fun exercises and learning to count

Wooden Montessori game - Learn to count



  • Made mostly of wood (rings are made of plastic)
  • Weighs approximately 0.5 kg
  • Measures approximately 39.5 cm (L) x 14.5 cm (H) 
  • Three dimensional board with dowels increasing in height corresponding to increasing numbers
  • Loose parts consist of numbers 1-10, 10 shapes and math operation symbols, and 55 rings 
  • Note that there is no "equals" sign and the greater than sign can be flipped to use as a "less than" sign
  • Puzzle cavities for the shapes and math operators have a color-coded visual hint as well the picture of the matching shape inside
  • Puzzle cavities for the numerals have a color-coded visual hint and number of dots corresponding to the numeral
  • Rings are color coded to the numerals directly below them to give a visual hint about how many should be placed on the dowel