The Wood Balance Scale Toys

The Wood Balance Scale Toys

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  • The lovely Balance Scale teaches kids principle of balance by allowing them to make use of the six wooden weights to balance the scale.
    Comes with Colorful scale and weights, making it more engaging.

  • Made of high-quality wood, eco-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. It is safe and suitable for children's development growth.

  • The wooden balance scale trains the kid's on their eye coordination, sensory, and fingers coordination.
    The kids also get to learn the law of balance through means of balancing the scale. 

  • Wooden Balance Scale is excellent for homeschool learning and Montessori methods. They are popular things in preschool and kindergarten classrooms especially in occupational therapy, special education, and assisting kids with autism.


  • It is merely a wooden toy for the kid to experiences balancing the scale and understands the law of balancing. It is not meant to be a professional measurement tool, nor a teaching instrument tool.

    Type: Blocks
    Material: Wood
    Warning: Not for eating
    Age Range: > 3 years old
    Wood Block Type: Figure Blocks