Walking Cane Adjustable

$39.99 $59.99

The 4-foot Single-Foot Walking Cane is a solution to this problem. It’s lightweight, yet has an adjustable strap that keeps it securely in place, yet still lifts and sets down easily. It works with one hand and gives you both stability and mobility. The Vorij cane is made from quality materials such as fiberglass and urethane foam, and can be used by right or left-handed individuals. Have confidence walking again with the Vorij 4-foot Single-Foot Cane.Vorij helps prevent falls! A single-foot cane that works with one hand to give you


The most challenging part of using an accessible cane is maintaining balance while standing. With the Ready Cane, users can easily extend a second handle and use the cane as a prop to adjust their balance. This unique feature also serves as an extra handhold for the user, who can use it when needing to grab onto something for support. The sturdy, foam-textured handle provides secure footing and comfortable support.


  • net weight:460g
  • length :85-95cm
  • length after fold:35cm
  • width after fold:15cm
  • if it contain battery :no battery inside
  • which kind of battery : AA 


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